• 28 Jul 20
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Download Armanshahr movie in excellent 1080p Full HD quality

Armanshahr Iranian film 2017 directed by Hassan Nazer

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Director: Hossein Nazer | Genre: Drama, Social | Year of production: 1396 | Date of publication: 1399

Duration: 85 minutes | Type: Cinematic | Audience: Adults | Quality: BluRay

Size: different | Joint product of Iran, Afghanistan, India and Scotland


It is about a woman named Janan (played by Malala Zakaria) whose husband suffered a spinal cord amputation and paralysis in the war eight years ago. Janan wants to conceive and have a child by artificial insemination. He travels to Scotland for this purpose. But Janan’s fate changes after the donation of sperm by William (a Scottish medical student working in a pregnancy clinic who is interested in philosophy and religion).


Malalai Zakaria, Andrew Shaver, Homayoun Ershadi, Aaron Bali, Kayhan Maleki, Sayantana Nandi, Sahel Chatna, Hana Sport, Basker Patel, Karsi Rab, Massoud Shahrvand and…

  • 28 Jul 20
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Download the Iranian movie Khane with excellent quality 1080p Full HD

Khane movie (Evo) directed by Asghar Yousefinejad

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Director: Asghar Yousefinejad | Genre: Social, Family | Year of production: 1395 | Published: 1399

Duration: 75 minutes | Type: Cinematic | Audience: Family | Video quality: BluRay

Size: different with any quality | Author and Producer: Asghar Yousefinejad


The story of the film revolves around a will and is about a man who has died and everyone has gathered around his body, but this body is kept out of sight of the viewer. The deceased bequeathed that after his death, his body be given to the medical school for scientific use, but his daughter strongly opposes…


Haditha Hairat, Ramin Riazi, Gholamreza Bagheri, Sedigheh Daryani, Narjes Delaram, Prinaz Pashazadeh, Sirus Mostafa, Akbar Shariat, Meysam Valikhani, Fariba Sohrabi, Vahideh Navidi, Reza Mahmoudi, Hamed Ghaffarpour, Hesam Kazemi, Reza Mohsen

  • 24 Jul 20
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Download Talla 2019 movie in excellent 1080p Full HD quality

Tala movie produced in 1397 directed by Parviz Shahbazi

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Director: Parviz Shahbazi | Genre: Social | Year of production: 1397 | Date of publication: 1399

Duration: 83 minutes | Type: Cinematic | Audience: Family | Quality: WEB-DL

Size: different | Producers: Rambod Javan and Mohammad Shayesteh


Finding a way to get rich, tired of the humiliating gaze of those around you, a sense of ruin from working for others, reasons that have brought the three together to start a business. In the meantime, the father of one of them died and a significant amount of money was lost. Mansour, the protagonist of the film, gets involved in the unwanted problems of the sea and the gold of his nephew, who aims to start a restaurant and get through the bipolar era.


Negar Javaherian , Hooman Sidi , Tanaz Tabatabai , Hoda Zin Al-Abedin , Mehrdad Sedighiyan , Ehteram Boroumand and…

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