Dirin Dirin Dirin Dirin part 12

Dirin Dirin part 12

Free Watch and Download Dirin Dirin PART 12 in high quality Comedy animation directed by Ali Derakhshi on shopimopi site.

دانلود رایگان انیمیشن دیرین دیرین قسمت 12

About the cartoon DirinDirin part 12

The Dirin Dirin part 12 animation was made in 1399. This persian animation series is a product of Iran and is comedy genre and always will published on filimo and shopimopi site for FREE!

Story of Dirin Dirin part 12

in episode twelve of Dirin Dirin The three empty heads decide to discover the corona vaccine because their lives are spent in the arms. Surprisingly, they do this too, but this is just the beginning …

دانلود رایگان قسمت های جدید دیرین دیرین

Mr. Derakhshi, the topic that caught my attention on your Instagram was the lack of your followers. Anyway, now Instagram is an important network in cyberspace, and I honestly wonder why your followers are not even half of the pages that are considered as branches of Instagram with amateur and simple works.

Let me ask you! Why weren’t you seen much?

Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, I have as many followers as a normal person. Of course, gaining followers on Instagram has its own methods, which means you have to be very active and monitor the needs of the audience every day, and in fact spend a lot of time.

If you look at the productions of the majority of people who have a lot of followers, you will find that they do not produce many professional and appropriate works, but people like me who have heavy preoccupations and worries

apart from Instagram and I have to produce animation every day, I can not spend time and Generate content for my Instagram so naturally I will not be seen.

Doesn’t it bother you not to be seen? Because in the same post you wrote about hating the old-fashioned, you wrote that this post will not be seen like yours.

Not! I have no problem not being seen in Dirin Dirin part 12 , because I am neither a celebrity nor an actor at all! The writer and the director, however, are different from the people in front of the camera, and because they are behind the scenes, they are not supposed to be seen.

But unfortunately, in our country, the officials and custodians of culture also have their minds in their eyes! That is, when you are not seen, apparently you have no credit with them! In this country, one has to be seen in any way, and this is very painful.

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