Dirin Dirin Dirin Dirin part 18

Dirin Dirin part 18

Free Watch and Download Dirin Dirin PART 18 in high quality Comedy animation directed by Ali Derakhshi on shopimopi site.

دانلود رایگان انیمیشن دیرین دیرین قسمت 18

About the cartoon DirinDirin part 18

The Dirin Dirin part 18 animation was made in 1399. This persian animation series is a product of Iran and is comedy genre and always will published on filimo and shopimopi site for FREE!

Story of Dirin Dirin part 18

in episode eightteen of Dirin Dirin He wants to do something so that he will not be born empty-handed, so he goes to the past by car.

دانلود قسمت جدید دیرین دیرین

When we came out of the “Dirin Dirin” building and went back to the newspaper office, everyone who asked what the interview was like, heard us say, “It was a lot of fun.” Usually in such cases, at best, it should be said that they did very good analytical work, said new points that had not been published before, and …

But even though the conversation with Ali Derakhshi, Mohammad Reza Alimardani and Mohammad Abolhassani, who were the designer, writer, dubber and producer of Darin Darin, had it all, the first thing one wanted to say was that it was a lot of fun.

Alimardani is a man of a thousand larynxes who not only dubs all the sounds of this item animation himself, but even his own sound effect. For example, in the same part where we went behind the scenes, it was making the sound of a car that was a caricature of a real car, and naturally no sound was designed for it.

The remarkable point about Alimardani’s work is that he does not imitate sounds from somewhere, but creates them. Derakhshi, despite being a designer and writer, is not without the art of sound production.

In the behind-the-scenes dubbing of “Dirin Dirin”, Ali Bakhshi explained parts of what he wanted to Mohammad Reza Alimardani by imitating the sound, and the space was full of laughter and laughter and momentary creativity.

Abolhassani was not an official producer as we know from the established brigade of producers. He was no less than the other two in his sarcasm and sarcastic look at various subjects, and with these brief explanations it is possible to understand what a inspiring atmosphere a few hours of interviews with the agents of “DirinDirin” can have. The agents of Dirin Dirin part 18 are smarter than you might think, and their work is more scientific.