Dirin Dirin Dirin Dirin part 20

Dirin Dirin part 20

Watch and Download Dirin Dirin PART 20 in 720p quality Comedy animation directed by Ali Derakhshi on shopimopi site for FREE.

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About the cartoon DirinDirin part 20

The Dirin Dirin part 20 animation was made in 1399. This persian animation series is a product of Iran and is comedy genre and always will published on filimo and shopimopi site for FREE!

Story of Dirin Dirin part 20

in episode twenty of Dirin Dirin Three empty-headed people decide to travel to a mysterious planet with his spaceship, a dark, depressing and mysterious planet with green, strange and sticky inhabitants!

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بخشی از مصاحبه سازندگان دیرین دیرین

Derakhshi: Fear of this criticism causes us not to tell good news and professions, and this is bad for human society, and no great figure in history who has been useful to humanity has neither taught nor propagated such a thing, but has said the opposite. “Let this pass, too.” And the Japanese have said the same thing to themselves and built their country.

Of course, we also criticize ourselves and say the problems with humor, so that the audience both cools down and talks about it. In some places, we feel lonely because a series of organizational waves come and distract us and push us to the margins, and other people do not pay attention to what is important.

Alimardani: Our people do not know the border between protest and protest and even its difference. There is a positive energy behind the protest, that is, we are looking to make something and we say we do not want this and we want it, and there is an energy behind it that wants to make a difference, but there is no energy in the naq, and vice versa, it is full of negative energy.

No one nods to do anything. I wish everyone would object if they have a problem with something, but it does not cost anything and anyone can nod anywhere.