Dirin Dirin Dirin Dirin part 22

Dirin Dirin part 22

Free Watch Dirin Dirin PART 22 in best quality Comedy animation directed by Ali Derakhshi on shopimopi.eu site .

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About the cartoon DirinDirin part 22

The Dirin Dirin part 22 animation was made in 1399. This persian animation series is a product of Iran and is comedy genre and always will published on filimo and shopimopi site for FREE!

Story of Dirin Dirin part 22

in episode twenty two of Dirin Dirin A stranger enters the long run. Three empty-headed people compliment him on coming to their house, but the problem starts when they realize that this stranger takes Alki’s compliments seriously …

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بخشی از مصاحبه سازندگان دیرین دیرین

I have heard from many animators and artists like you who have been offered jobs abroad. If you have a job offer from Pixar and DreamWorks, would you accept it?

I will not suggest such places, because I grew up in the cultural context of Iran and I get my ideas from this space. Of course, I can create something that appeals to an international audience, but that ‘s not my concern. If I wanted to, I could make short festival animations and go to foreign festivals and try my luck, but my childhood concern was why we lack Persian animation and the ones we had were very ugly, like Zohreh and Zahra, Dirin Dirin part 22, who were extremely weak. ! I still have the same concern and I would like to work for an Iranian child and create an Iranian hero so that the Iranian child can gain self-confidence and feel that his concerns are taken seriously.