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Serial Dirin Dirin part 30

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The pre-production of “Dirin Dirin part 30” animation started in 1992 and was broadcast daily since the beginning of 1994. To date, several thousand episodes of DirinDirin have been aired. few people have not heard the sound of the drum song and Darin Darin, the main doubler, at least once. Now, after years of surfing on mobile phones and various social platforms, the series has become an independent TV series that airs every week, Saturdays and Sundays on Filimo and lasts 20 to 25 minutes. Its related to the short works of this series. does not have.

What happened to the long-established collection was done with the investment of Filimo, and the Green Generation Thought Studio is in charge of building this collection as before. Satra has also given permission for the series to air. Now, after a long time that has not seen the color of national television for a long time, it will be broadcast on another platform so that its audience can laugh when they see it also head to the crazy world of this animation.

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Year of construction: 1398 | Broadcast: 99 | Publisher: shopimopi
Genre: family, comedy | Producer: Ali Derakhshi | Writer and director: Ali Derakhshi

Story of Dirin Dirin part 30

This part of dirin dirin is about Three long-standing stories about his talent for crime, the world’s biggest snowman. It becoming a mosquito pet! The jokes of the Dirin Dirin series are not necessarily pasteurized in the full sense. As mentioned, they sometimes move on the edge of the red line, and this has made the Dirin Dirin Series comedy more visible to adults, bringing it closer to the world’s most popular animated sitcoms. Their audience is basically adults, not children.

DirinDirin has played a significant role in promoting culture and to this day in most of his clips (apart from his propaganda works. Which unfortunately also increased a lot) has dealt with many Inchin concepts. It seems that we will face a similar approach in the animated series Dirin Dirin part 30. Especially the second part proved that the creators did not neglect their intentions. Probably in the future of this 50-part series, more social and cultural concepts will be mentioned.

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