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Dirin Dirin part 6

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About the cartoon DirinDirin part 6

Dirin Dirin animation was made in 1399. This Iranian series is a product of Iran and is in the animation and comedy genre.

Story of Dirin Dirin part 6

in episode six of DirinDirin Doctors are forced to empty his conscience. After that, tolerating him who has become unconscionable seems far more difficult than tolerating him with conscience. Three empty heads have to think.

ماجرا های دیرین دیرین و دانلود رایگان تمام قسمت های دیرین دیرین

The propaganda slogan of this series is “the stupidest series in the history of Iran” and the voice acting of all the characters and characters of this animation is Mohammad Reza Alimardani. Aydin Sayar Sari is also one of the writers and Salman Taheri is the artistic director of this series.

The subjects of this animation, unlike the previous series which had a critical and cultural approach, are very diverse, storytelling and fantasy due to the increase in time of each episode; In such a way that fantasy stories have come out of the heart of the ancient world and have created a special tension and rhythm in the story.

Dirin Dirin series, which is the product of Green Thought Generation animation studio, is the first Iranian animated series that has been specially made for digital media and has a production and publishing license.