Dirin Dirin Dirin Dirin part 9

Dirin Dirin part 9

Free Watch Online Dirin Dirin PART 9 in best quality Comedy animation directed by Ali Derakhshi on our site.

دانلود رایگان انیمیشن دیرین دیرین قسمت 9

About the cartoon DirinDirin part 9

The Dirin Dirin part 9 animation was made in 1399. This Iranian series is a product of Iran TV and is in the animation and comedy genre.

Story of Dirin Dirin part 9

in episode nine of Dirin Dirin The three fools decide to raise their age so that “he” is forced to respect the sanctity of their white beard! At that time, because “dechlorination” had not been invented, they could not easily bleach their beards, so they had no choice but to age themselves …

دانلود رایگان تمام قسمت های دیرین دیرین

Ali Derakhshi explained about the title of these animations, Ask the truth, I think it is rooted in the inefficient bureaucracy of the responsible organs. It is said to support national production, but it is stopped, while we are also an industrial product.

Now TV has become a company to promote foreign products! I think the national media has forgotten its main mission because it is either promoting the entrance exam class that they are the killer of children’s creativity or a star, a certain number, a square, who are also the killer of people’s pockets.

I do not know where television wants to go, while the national media is the media of the people, and it is our right to broadcast our work on television networks.

also Dirin Dirin part 9 has a critical eye for his humor and jokes. Wasn’t the long-running non-broadcast on TV due to a current of thought or a discussion of censorship and red line issues?

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