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Film Irani Roozhaye Narenji FOR FREE

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Watch Online film Irani Roozhaye Narenji for free in 720p drama film directed by Arash Lahouti on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان فیلم ایرانی روز های نارنجی

Year of construction: 1398 | Play: 99 | Publisher: shopimopi.eu

Duration: 102 minutes | Audience: Family | Video quality: WEB-DL

Director: Arash Lahouti | Writer: Jamileh Daralshafaie, Arash Lahooti

Summary of film Irani jadid Roozhaye Narenji :

When Aban – tough, self-sufficient, and the only woman contractor in the orange fields of northern Iran – beats out the male competition for a big job, the operation seems to get off to a rocky start. But Aban won’t let go without a fight.

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