Haft Khan Haft Khan part 2

Haft Khan part 2

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Haftikhan is a contest performed by Mohammad Reza Golzar in which you can test your general information. Participants in this exciting competition will have to answer a variety of questions based on their general knowledge; Haftikhan’s attractive competition can not only entertain the audience, but also raise their awareness and encourage their viewers to increase the amount of reading; Mohammad Reza Golzar, who was previously in charge of the win-win contest, has returned to the arena with Haft Khan and will be your guest house with this big contest…

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نکته: در صورتی که قادر به تماشای ویدیو نیستید روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi.eu
Genre: Drama | Producer: Mohammad Shayesteh | director: Shahram Shah Hosseini

All thing about of this Haft Khan part 2

Now new information about this contest has been leaked. Golzar published the name of this program in a post on her Instagram page and introduced it as “Haft Khan”. According to information obtained by Vijiato, the program is likely to be broadcast exclusively on the Nemava platform and is still in pre-production. No information has yet been officially released on how to participate in the contest or the contest itself, but rumors suggest that additional news will be released next week. Finally we have to wait and see if this contest can succeed in getting permission from Satra or not. Previously, some programs, such as Takashoi Hamifiq, had problems obtaining a license from Satra, which were able to solve these problems, but some programs, such as “Nood No”, which belonged to “Adel Ferdowsipour”, have not been licensed to date.

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