Hamrafigh Hamrafigh part 12

Hamrafigh part 12

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Summary of Serial Irani Hamrafigh part 12:

Hamrafigh part 12 is the newest Iranian vine show episode that Shahab Hosseini directs and performs.

Then add your best friend guest to the gathering. Awards and live music performed by Bamrani Band are other events that took place in Hamrefigh part 8 program.

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About Javad Ezzat in Ham rafigh episode 12

Regarding Hossein Kaabi’s remarks that a 7-year-old boy was also scoring one-on-one with Australia and Hamrafigh part 12, Khodadad Azizi said: “First of all, let me tell you the name of this gentleman you mentioned in the interview, because he is growing up. There are a number of people who have just grown up interviewing people like me. He added: “If Ali Parvin, Heshmat Mohajerani, Ali Daei, Ahmad Abedzadeh, Karim Bagheri, Hamid Estili, Mahdavikia and many others comment on me, I will put it on my eyes, but these people you name are small.” Azizi emphasized: I do not need to explain to Australia about flowers. The people who took to the streets know for themselves what I did, which was also my duty to these people. This is the height of some people who want to talk about the elders, but I know what they are burning from.

The former striker of the Iranian national football team said: “Some people may not know what Khodadad Azizi did in this Hamrafigh part 12, but I became the Asian man of the year with 40 national games and with the same national goal that my friends say I was the first Iranian to be the best player in Asia.” I was selected for the Nations Cup. I played in the World Cup for a while and I was able to play football on three continents. Some men do not even know the 100 national games of their neighborhood kids. Every year, the side wanted to go to Liverpool or Manchester United, but left the “2” league. With all these circumstances, remember that I will not lift my eyebrows until the last day of my life. There was a time when men wore mustaches and got tattoos.

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