Hamrafigh Hamrafigh part 4

Hamrafigh part 4

Watch Online Hamrafigh part 4 in best quality talkshow directed by Shahab Hosseini on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان سریال هم رفیق قسمت 4

Summary of Serial Irani Hamrafigh part 4 :

Hamrafiq part 4 is the latest Iranian vine show program that Shahab Hosseini directs and performs. Shahab Hosseini invites in this important program and talks to him about the topic and topics of the day.

Then add your best friend guest to the gathering. Awards and live music performed by Bamrani Band are other events that took place in Hamrafigh program.

Shahab Hosseini says about his presence in the program:

I realized that the impact of being here and having a face-to-face relationship with you is more than playing in a series or a movie and playing a role.

The goal of the program, comrade, is to bring hearts closer together and cause solidarity in society in these days when our bodies are far apart.

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