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Hamrafigh part 5

Watch Online Hamrafigh part 5 for free in best quality talkshow directed by Shahab Hosseini on shopimopi site.

تماشای رایگان سریال هم رفیق قسمت ۵

Summary of Serial Irani Hamrafigh part 5 :

Hamrafiq part 5 is the latest Iranian talk show program that Shahab Hosseini directs and performs. Shahab Hosseini invites in this important program and talks to him about the topic and topics of the day.

Biography of Shahabuddin Hosseini

Seyed Shahabuddin Hosseini Tonekaboni was born in 1973 in Tehran. He is the first child in his family and has a brother and two sisters. His university education was in psychology at the University of Tehran, which he left unfinished with the intention of immigrating to Canada. Shahab Hosseini began his career in student theater and then on the radio, then appeared on a television program called Oxygen.

In several other programs, such as Stand Up, Morning Color, Light Shadow, etc., he was present as a presenter, and entered the field of acting with the series Family after the rain.

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