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Hamrafigh part 6

Watch Online Hamrafigh part 6 in best quality talkshow directed by Shahab Hosseini on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان سریال هم رفیق قسمت ۶

Summary of Serial Irani Hamrafigh part 6 :

Hamrafiq part 6 is the latest Iranian vine show program that Shahab Hosseini directs and performs. Shahab Hosseini invites in this important program and talks to him about the topic and topics of the day.

Then add your best friend guest to the gathering. Awards and live music performed by Bamrani Band are other events that took place in Hamrefigh program.

Part of an interview with Shahab Hosseini’s father

I was born in September 1328. Shahab is my first child and Mehdi is my second child. Shahab is an actor and Mehdi is also interested in music. Apart from Shahab and Mehdi, I also have two daughters. The gist of my life is that when I graduated, I went to pilot school to continue my education, but because my two brothers were there before the political revolution, I was fired.

After that I went to English language and literature and my destiny was to become a secretary. I was an education worker for 30 years. Of course, I also had other activities; Such as business activities.
In addition to the activities I mentioned, I wrote poetry and wrote stories. I even remember writing a few screenplays, but most importantly, the translations I did at the time. I translated two or three works by Jules Verne. Like “Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea” and “Around the World in Eighty Days” and after that, together with Mr. Seifi Qomi, we started translating the book “A Look at Iran”.

This book has been published abroad by Engineer Houshang Seyhoun and his description (paintings and drawings) is on a trip to villages around Tehran, cities, historical places, etc.

Serial Ghorbaghe part 6