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Hamrafigh part 7

Watch Online Hamrafigh part 7 in 720p quality talkshow directed by Shahab Hosseini on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان سریال هم رفیق قسمت ۷

Summary of Serial Irani Hamrafigh part 7 :

Hamrafiq part 7 is the latest Iranian vine show program that Shahab Husseini directs and performs. Shahab Hosseini invites in this important program and talks to him about the topic and topics of the day.

Then add your best friend guest to the gathering. Awards and live music performed by Bamrani Band are other events that took place in Hamrefigh part 7 program.

Interview with Shahab Hosseini about his personal life

A man interested in family

Shahab Hosseini has always been an actor interested in his family, and even his farewell to the cinema was more to serve his family for a longer period of time. Shahab Hosseini himself says: “Sometimes artists are forced to build a fence or defensive guard around themselves and their families. “Because there are always people who want to invade its privacy and take away their peace.” Shahab Hosseini continues his speech by pointing out that the artistic life of artists is fundamentally incompatible with their family life and says: “Choosing a middle way to maintain both family life and art life, despite the many difficulties It’s not possible.

Now, because of these difficult circumstances, I have decided to choose the middle way that actors who have walked this path before me and have been successful, such as Mr. Mehdi Hashemi, who still have a very good life with their esteemed wife, Ms. Gulab Adineh, and at the same time They do their job better every day than the day before. Actors who do not choose the middle way are divided into two groups.

There are a group of actors who prioritize their work over anything and want to win Simorghs, bears, raspberries and Oscars at any cost, and somehow believe that a woman and a child are in control. And it catches their feet and they want to get rid of them sooner. There are a bunch of actors who say goodbye to my beloved profession. “Because they prefer the family to anything.” Shahab Hosseini, pointing out that he himself is one of the second-class actors, said that for some time now, I have decided to say goodbye to my profession, at least for a while.

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