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Malakeye Gedayan part 6

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The Malakeye Gedayan part 6 was known for a time as the second season of “Mankan”; Mostly because he reintroduced a large part of the previous formula, Farzad Farzin, as an actor. Hossein Soheilizadeh, who had made “Malake Gedayan part 6” the most-watched home drama series for some time by selling the formula “Love and Economic Inequality”, could have repeated his success by making the second season of this series. But with the addition of Baran Kowsari, Pantea Bahram, Roya Nonhali, Elham Korda, Reza Behboodi, Ali Oji and several other actors, it became clear that Soheilizadeh would make a completely new series. Soheilizadeh has a long history of making series and TV series. He was born in 1343 and entered the cinema as an assistant director in Abolhassan Davoodi’s “Magic Journey”. He has made 22 TV series, also has the movie “Blue” in his repertoire.

The series Malakeye Gedayan part 6 was written by Hamed Afzali and Amin Mahmoudi. Before the Malake Gedayan part 6. Afzali had written three series and two films: The Forgotten, The Seventh Angle, A Moment Later, and the Ninth Symphony, and Our Story is Your Story. He is also writing the script for another series; “Happy heart” which has a happy atmosphere, but comedy is not in the usual sense. Amin Mahmoudi does not have much writing experience, but in Soheilizadeh’s other series, “Malakeye Gedayan part 6” was the director’s first assistant. In the other three series, “Is and Isn’t”, “Border of Happiness” and “The Sound of Rain” he also acted.

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Director: Hossein Soheilizadeh | Genre: Social, Drama, Family | Date of publication: 1399
Number of episodes: 30 episodes | Duration of each episode: 60 minutes | Quality: best
Format: MKV | Ability to play online: None | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Story of this episode

In the continuation of the story, Afra goes to the rehearsal place of her fiancé Aria’s concert. She also starts singing with great enthusiasm and tells Afra to take their marriage issue seriously. Because he is supposed to make this news public during tomorrow night’s concert. Which will also be held in the presence of his mother, and he will face his mother. Arya, who has seriously fallen in love with Afra, gathers the members of her group and announces Afra as her fiancé!‌ Afra tells Alborz to leave the country without Sara, reminding Alborz that Sara is not trustworthy. Alborz is talking to Sarah in a cafe at her place of residence. But someone anonymously textes Dariush and reveals Sarah’s place of residence with Alborz. Dariush arrives, clashes with Alborz, and the arrival of the police. The arrest of Dariush is the end of this story.

Malakeye Gedayan part 6
Malake Gedayan part 6

In the meantime, the second question that arises is what is the connection between these characters who are constantly linking to each other; There is? The story takes on a more complex form with each passing episode. The viewer is confronted with strange and unforeseen events instead of correct guessing and reaching the essence of the issue. Which makes the series attractive! what do you think about of Malakeye Gedayan part 6 ? Be sure to comment your comments and hypotheses for us!

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