Film Irani jadid Mardome Mamoli Part 3

Mardome Mamoli Part 3

For many years, the name of the young Rambod has been associated with the family program. Prior to making this program, he had a history of directing several series in his repertoire. Works, some of which, like Travelers, have been relatively successful. During the making of Khondavaneh, however, he was able to make only two films. Films that were extremely weak compared to his cinematic works before Khondavaneh. Now, the young Rambod has returned to making the series after many years. And in a situation where the new funny season has started. Ordinary People is the story of the director of a beautiful beauty institute called Berdia. He, who is supposed to operate on one of the Arab emirs, tries to make everything go well and happily, but on the same day, his sister’s travel agency is shut down and he brings his belongings to Berdia’s workplace. From now on, they will have differences with each other.

The new Rambod Young series airs on the Filimo Internet service, and this raises questions about whether the service can compete with TV in the production of comedy. Let’s not forget that television, despite its severe weakness in programming, has a relatively good track record in making comedy series with series such as Under the City Sky, Barreh Nights, Noon Kh. And Paytakht. The new Rambod Young series is called Ordinary People. The name reminds us very soon of the romance series that was produced in 2020. But watching the series, we realize that this similarity is completely coincidental. It is useless to expect the intelligence and ingenuity of the creators to choose a name. In the following, I will introduce a number of actors and actors behind the scenes.

The list is very strange. It is not clear whether the risk of unemployment caused by Corona has been able to bring together this number of people who have a brilliant record in cinema, television and theater, or Filimo money? Option two is more likely. Atila Pesyani – Shabnam Moghaddami – Lily Rashidi – Kamand Amir Soleimani – Elnaz Habibi – Khosrow Pesyani – Khatereh Asadi – Shadi Karam Rudi In the list of behind-the-scenes actors, the name of Bahram Dehghani Bozorg, one of the best editors of Iranian cinema It is visible. Also, Bamdad Afshar, who recently witnessed his performance in the soundtrack of the series Frog, is in charge of composing.

The story of “Ordinary People” is a situation comedy centered on a center of fitness and beauty and its actors are Rambod Javan, Atila Pesyani, Shabnam Moghaddami, Elnaz Habibi, Lily Rashidi, Khosrow Pesyani, Amir Norouzi and others. The series will start airing on April 25 on the Filimo system and is expected to be one of the most watched series on the home network in 1400.