Mikhaham Zende Bemanam Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4

Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4

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Seeing the Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4, there is a doubt in the audience about where the series is going and whether it is worth watching or not, the second part can alleviate this doubt. The crisis in the series could have created an interesting series with a little bit of directing and editing skills, but it seems that Shahram Shah Hosseini has had enough of having famous and popular actors. The Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4 is deceptive. Many frames of the series can be selected as a teaser or photo and arouse the audience’s curiosity about the work; But when these frames are placed next to the dialogues and the overall layout of the series, they are just good visual compositions that have been wasted.

Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4, I want to survive, has become more clichéd and artificial than the first part, the dialogues do not sit on the actor’s face and language, good games even take on an artificial effect, and the story is slow and trivial. The story of the series continues with the pursuit of Homa Haghi (Sahar Dolatshahi). Earlier, in the review of the first part, it was mentioned that Shahram Shah Hosseini puts unprofessional codes in the development of the story. Codes that seem to be in a hurry to come up and do not allow the audience to be a little curious or guess; For example, Homa Haghi’s eye contact with Amir Shayegan happened very quickly and openly. This can happen for two purposes, either the director of the series I Want to Survive underestimates the audience’s intelligence or he intentionally intends to mislead him.

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Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi.eu
Genre: Drama | Producer: Mohammad Shayesteh | director: Shahram Shah Hosseini

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In the Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4, the action and crime times of the series increase, but it is arranged in a way that is not credible for the audience. While the audience can accept Superman’s transcendental power with a bit of directing technique and special effects, it is not possible to accept the power and influence of Amir Shaygan’s character despite the fire that arises on the stage. This can not be blamed on the acting of a capable actor like Hamed Behdad, but there is a weakness in characterization and storytelling; Because this unbelievability is also evident in the characterization of the police and their dialogues. One of the good things about the Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4 is the addition of a new character that Anahita Dargahi plays. Shiva is a doctor who seems to be the lover of Kaveh.

A doctor who has a problem in his medicine due to a trauma and is in a tight spot due to his mental illness. The fact that a parallel story is added to the main trend of the series contributes to the attractiveness of the series, and the pleasure of discovery that I rarely want to see in Mikhaham Zende Bemanam part 4 is rarely seen. Anahita Dargahi, despite her inappropriate make-up and clothes, was able to show the fluctuations of her personality well and leave an acceptable game in this series. One of the issues that I do not want to survive in the series is the artificial and malicious makeup that is intended for young girls. Everyone knows that young, single girls in their sixties bear no resemblance to Homa Haqi or Shiva.

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