Serial Aghazadeh Serial Aghazadeh PART 25

Serial Aghazadeh PART 25

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تماشای رایگان سریال آقازاده قسمت 25

Director: Behrang Tofighi | Genre: Drama, Family | Year of production: 1398 | Published: 1399

Duration: 55 minutes | Audience: Family | Video quality: BEST

Format: MP4 | Size: different with any quality | Producer: Hamed Angha

Summary of Serial Irani Aghazadeh PART 25 :

aghazadeh part 25 tells an inflammatory and fascinating story, the main character of which is named Hamed. The series “Aghazadeh” is in the genre of social romantic drama, which has many similarities to Hamed Angha’s previous works, such as the series “Ice Heart”.

This drama Aghazadeh series will take place on challenging adventures and will deal with various social and economic issues along with a romantic narrative. The slogan of this series is: “This story ends with blood…”.

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In Aghazade 24 and previous part of seryal Aghazadeh, we saw how Shahnam and Tina plotted to kill Razia after her release from prison, a very horrific and painful murder. Hamed then investigates how Razieh went missing, but no one is aware of this. Finally, he observes the CCTV cameras outside the prison and finds out that Razia is riding in Tina’s car.

serial aghazadeh s1e25 | دانلود رایگان قسمت 25 سریال آقازاده

It seems that Aghazadeh’s story has reached its most complex stage, and in fact the entanglements and blind alleys of the story have reached their peak, and now little by little we have to witness the analysis of these stories.

In the twenty-five episode of Aghazadeh, we witnessed many events.

This episode begins with Amir Bahri’s temporary release from prison and, in fact, his release. Bahri tries to go to the ministry building, but authorities refuse to let him go because of his ongoing murder case and a three-year prison sentence. Something that is associated with his anger and rage.

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Before this, Vali Haj Hassan goes to Haj Reza and suggests that it is better to warn Hamed from continuing the process of following up on Nima’s case. Because it is good for this to happen so that no one thinks that the case will be processed due to personal issues and Hamed’s wife.

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In the serial aghazadeh part 25, Haj Reza states that if this is the case, then Hamed’s superior should do it, not you and me. It also informs him of the consequences of these manipulations on the fate and lives and property of the people and the power he has gained through his position and position.

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Behrouz Bahrami then goes to Haj Hassan’s house and this time asks him to provide the means for Nima to be released from prison, which is strongly opposed by him and he expresses that he has no desire to help him. does not have. Bahrami and Shahnam then secretly meet with the case investigator during a meeting and give large sums of bribes to end the case in any way.

serial aghazadeh ghesmat 25 (سریال آقازاده قسمت ۲۵)

However, he states that such a thing is not legally possible and can only slow down the process and somehow prolong it, and in fact, by buying time, something can be done.

Now we have to see what happens in episode 25 of Aghazadeh series.

Aghazadeh 26

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