Serial Aghazadeh Serial Aghazadeh PART 28

Serial Aghazadeh PART 28

Free Watch Serial Irani Aghazadeh PART 28 in 720p quality drama film directed by Behrang Tofighi on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان سریال آقازاده قسمت 28

Director: Behrang Tofighi | Genre: Drama, Family | Year of production: 1398 | Published: 1399

Duration: unknown | Audience: Family | Video quality: BEST

Format: MP4 | Size: different with any quality | Producer: Hamed Angha

Summary of Serial Aghazadeh PART 28 for United States American users:

aghazadeh series part 28 tells an inflammatory and fascinating story, the main character of which is named Hamed. The series “Aghazadeh” is in the genre of social romantic drama, which has many similarities to Hamed Angha’s previous works, such as the series “Ice Heart”.

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In Aghazade 27 and previous part of seryal Aghazadeh,

In the previous episodes of Aghazadeh, we saw how Hamed was looking for documents and clues that Tina’s vehicle had found. Has been. Meanwhile, the head of the police is also found.

serial aghazadeh s1e28 | دانلود رایگان قسمت 28 سریال آقازاده

We also witnessed many events in the twenty-seven episode of Aghazadeh.

This episode begins with the case of Hamed’s murder becoming more serious. Where his former colleagues are interrogating him and calling Hamed a murderer. Of course, the evidence is all against Hamed and proves that he was Alex’s killer.

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From his presence at the murder scene to his previous motives for seeking revenge for Razia, who was killed. It is at this point that Sharifa Khanum, who is worried about Hamed’s execution and sees that the case is advancing towards the death sentence, then, as her last attempt, reaches out to Haj Hassan so that she may be able to save her son Chan in this way.

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In the serial aghazadeh part 28, On the other hand, Vali Haj Reza takes the initiative and thinks better. He becomes friends with Haj Hassan and gives him documents. He then coordinates with President Hamed to follow up on whether the documents in this case are the same as the documents that a copy of which was given to him by Haj Reza.

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If a case was omitted, then it follows that Haj Hassan was behind all these scenes and hostilities. Hamed is then assassinated in prison and several prisoners attack him, but Nima’s disbelief saves his life. Nima states that I caused your death once and I do not want to do it again. An argument that surprised Hamed.

serial aghazadeh ghesmat 28 (سریال آقازاده قسمت ۲۸)

This help and saving of lives is perceived by some viewers as the two being brothers. That is, Hamed and Nima were brothers who, when their father was martyred, were each handed over to one of their father’s friends. Also, another scenario that is imagined for the last episode of the series is that Razia is alive and has not died in Wafi.

Thus, Shahnam, who is portrayed as his killer in previous episodes, was in fact the intelligence infiltrator or the police who had infiltrated Nima’s apparatus. As a result, by staging this, he has shown that he has killed Razia. But in fact this is not the case and he has been hidden somewhere. Will we face such incredible and exciting facts in the last part of Aghazadeh?

These are the things we should watch in the next part.

Now we have to see what happens in episode 28 of Aghazadeh series in USA.

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