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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10

قسمت دهم سریال قورباغه در انتهای همین صفحه

The Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10, with the arrival of the character of Leila [with the most important performance of Fereshteh Hosseini’s artistic life], gave a new life to the story that made the viewer die for its narration. Although it seems that in the next episode, it will be Hooman Seyedi [in the role of Shamsabadi] who enters the story, but it is better that the processing of Shamsabadi’s character be at least similar to the processing of Leila’s character. Leila’s character experiences the worst possible introduction among all the characters in the series; A gradual but aimless entry that is quite clear shape by the role of Leila in the story. Perhaps Hooman Sidi and his colleagues could have considered a better entry for Fereshteh Hosseini, but the main issue is not just the incorrect entry of Leila’s character into the story.

Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10 knows that after wasting a lot of time, he must finally return to the path of describing the story he has to tell. This decision is made and directing and key dialogues of the first half of the series are presented in exactly this episode. However, the forward narrative of the seventh episode finally acknowledges that the inherent philosophy of the Ghorbaghe 10. Story is not even an indirect description of a complex story. The Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10 prefers to play with form to any other achievement. In addition if it sometimes decides to take a different path, it does not mean that it has forgotten exactly what it was made for. For a series that stands on the vague boundaries of various genres, the narrative of the main story seems to be to its detriment rather than to its advantage.

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Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi.eu
Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

Review of this episode

In the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10, an endless collection of flesh and blood vessels and other organs. Which are like fantasy scenes, sub-stories, small and large conflicts, redundant scenes and special atmospheres. They are placed around the skeleton of the Frog series. These sub-stories and special atmospheres are not going to add more charm to the main story of the series. These not-so-vital flesh, veins, and organs are actually more important than serial ossification. In other words, Hooman Seyyedi did not make the Frog series to tell a dramatic and special story. With this series, he wants to show everything. He has learned in these few years of his presence in cinema about atmosphere, stage decorations, suspense, false excitement. Other form-oriented charms of the seventh art too.

Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10

The Frog series is not just suppose to be one of the best Iranian series outside the world of state television. The Frog series wants to be the culmination of all of Hooman Sidi’s interests in filmmaking. There is a fine line between be involve and be confuse. On which the Frog series walks with a strange obsession, but eventually decides to lean towards being confused. Although all the moments that the series tries to be engaging. It seems engaging only because it has decided not to be confusing. In other words, the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10 shapes the audience’s confusion in the name of all the achievements it has promised the viewer.

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