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Forget everything you saw in the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12. Hooman Sidi, as much as he was able to create a unique pilot and keep the audience thirsty. In the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12, he uses the hose as a story plan and pushes, making all his good creations and ideas. The second part of the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12 is literally a setback. Now we see a low-key Indian film that has taken on a criminal form. Be with Vijiato by reviewing the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12. The first part started with the introduction of the character and by cultivating these three characters, a bit of composition and budget. Their games were added to this issue (these characters were more like the high school kids who were in it due to their high resistance), the promise of a series. Introduced good to the audience.

The Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12, however, retains only one element, and that is the darkness and harshness of the serial atmosphere. The brutal series is the pre-actor and the most violent scenes that are seen in an Iranian film that is portrayed. This issue of the series has become the first real R-grade title among Iranian titles. The use of person and person also makes you not let the younger ones sit and watch it. But only the Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12 is the only element that carries with it its beauty from the previous episode to the degree of being and that is enough. The series draws on the past in a twist of the story and introduces us to two new characters. Characters live with not-so-good actors who get tied up so they can be overly irrational. Using the script, everyone tries to accept himself.

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Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

Review of Ghoorbaghe episode 12

The performance, which according to the MS series itself is intense and until yesterday could not move a pen or glasses, turns into a professional quagmire, and the two decide to go the wrong way and live their lives. Entering the world of criminals and criminals is simply in the blood of the two, and it is not clear how this character wheel was suddenly formed. On the other hand, the excuses that the series brings with it for the survival of Saber Abar’s character are, above all, an insult to the audience’s poetry. The Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12 also tried to make sense in this valley. However with reasons such as “high blood error” and “heart being on the right”. He said that this character has been alive for nearly 24 hours after being shot next to his brain and heart, and his consciousness. Has completely preserved.

This insult to the spectator’s poetry continues. Two swallows that are on the move and he does not fully understand that this character is alive. They feel neither breath nor heat. Staging to make the killing of the characters in the previous episode look like an accident is also ridiculously ridiculous control. No blood was spilled in the car, and fingerprints on the corpses were not cleaned, and the corpse, which had long since died and the blood on their bodies had dried up. It has arrested by the police. While watching Serial Ghorbaghe Part 12, one hundred and eighty degrees different from the ending of the previous episode. He wondered why another person was not behind the scenes so irrational that he would drop as a creator.

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