Serial Ghorbaghe Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

Watch Online Serial Irani Ghorbaghe Part 4 in 720p drama film directed by Houman Seyyedi on shopimopi site

تماشای رایگان سریال قورباغه قسمت 4

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi

Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

Summary of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4 :

The world is a small place for me. Sometimes I think I’m choking. I feel closed everywhere and I can not breathe.

New Serial Irani Ghorbaghe News:

According to reports, the Serial Ghorbaghe will have very special production stages. In this series, Seyedi will try to draw a new world like his previous films.

Navid Mohammadzadeh has been introduced as the first actor of this series on the home theater network, and Navid is expected to play a memorable role in the new world of this new series.

serial frog episode 4 – قسمت چهارم سریال قورباغه

My father always said you have thousands of lives. I do not think anyone has seen death as much as I have. This was the summary of the general story of the second part, which was presented by the creators of the frog, but we need a more detailed study of the story.

Summary of part 4 frog series (Serial Ghoorbaghe)

In the first part, we saw that the series begins with vague images and scenes. This trend is also followed continuously. What is common to all the works of Hooman Seyyedi (such as: Thirteen, Confessions of My Dangerous Mind, Rusty Little Brains, etc.).

The story of the 4th part of the Frog series (Ghorbaghe series part 4)

From selling drugs and stealing from boutiques to the murder and killing of a law enforcement officer and. Most of the story in this episode was devoted to idea generation, characterization, and story development.

Which, of course, is natural for any series. In general, the audience in this episode, we are confronted with several young criminals and criminals in Ekabatan town, people who are friends or not, but the game of the times connects all these people.

The Fourth part of the Frog series

In the second part of the frog, we witnessed many events. In this episode, the series enters a new phase and narrates other people. What happened to the people who are unofficial municipal officials who clean up and kill stray dogs by getting a gun (with a license)?

Why did my best friend shoot his best friend? Avalanche! to himself! The second part begins with the scene of blood-soaked corpses. But one of them is miraculously alive.

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The assailant (Soroush), who escapes from the crime scene, eventually falls into the trap of the police officers, and finally in court, for unintentional murder, with the commitment and consent of his parents (provided that he takes care of the victim’s son, and To pay his expenses, because he could not afford to pay the ransom) is released from prison.

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