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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5

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تماشای رایگان سریال قورباغه قسمت 5

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi

Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

Summary of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

The fourth part of the frog begins where Ramin is touring the streets of Tehran with his mother in a car that he owed as money for ransom or, as he puts it, ransom. His mother, however, can not accept that Ramin was able to buy such a car and is completely suspicious of him. Meanwhile, a checkpoint located on one of the streets stops him. Suddenly, Ramin remembers memories similar to his own in the past, and so the continuation of episode 4 of Flashback Frog is 30 years ago.

serial frog episode 5 – قسمت پنجم سریال قورباغه

Flashback to the time when the Iran-Iraq war is still going on and Ramin’s parents want to leave Iran. Near the border and when leaving the country, they also face a checkpoint. But then the news of the approval of the ceasefire resolution is announced and they travel to Rasht and Ramin’s mother’s house. Ramin’s mother family is very fun and the families gather together regularly.

Ramin Vali’s father seeks to obtain compensation from the government by obtaining a fake veteran card. For this reason, he goes to the office of the Martyr Foundation and states that he intends to go to war (despite the announcement of a ceasefire, the possibility of Saddam’s attack is still given) and if something happens to him in the war and he becomes a veteran, will the government Does he consider a pension and a salary for his family or not?

Summary of part 5 frog series (Serial Ghoorbaghe)

Anyway, Ramin’s father’s efforts to make a fake veteran card remain in vain, but something bad happens to his wife. Ramin’s mother loses her finger due to a collision in the trunk of the car, and thus she becomes a veteran. Other events revolve around the wedding of a person named Shirin, which is why all the members of this family have gathered at their father’s house.

The story of the 5th part of the Frog series (Ghorbaghe series part 5)

The family’s entertainment by the sea and the northern folk songs along with dancing and other pastimes were among the novel and interesting illustrations of this part, which to some extent reduced the burden of violence in the previous parts of the frog and the popular color and smell. Gave it. Finally, all the purchases and preparations for attending the wedding are done and all of these people go to a sweet wedding.

The Fifth part of the Frog series (serial irani ghorbaghe)

All of these long-winded flashbacks to the past were all over his mind during the few minutes Ramin was dealing with the checkpoint. There are many similarities, including the fact that the engine of the Porsche Ramin car is installed in the trunk with his father’s old car, the top bar of the car hood is broken, and most importantly, the officer who finds a finger in the trunk of Ramin car and puts Ramin in a big mess. Throw.

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Meanwhile, Vali Ramin first tries to say that the finger found in the car is the same amputated finger of his mother 30 years ago that when an officer asks Ramin’s mother about the case and he states that he is unaware, he reveals River. Vali Ramin goes on to say that he has just been released from prison and has several cases, and by offering a bribe to the officer, he tries to convince him to leave the place.

serial irani ghorbaghe 5

The officer was very strict at first, but eventually he was surprised to leave. But the fact was that the agent had his finger on his finger, and under the same factor that Nouri had hypnotized Ramin’s friends (according to some with frog venom), a similar thing had happened.