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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 6

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تماشای رایگان سریال قورباغه قسمت 6

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi

Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

The previous episode of the inflammatory and controversial series Frog was broadcast from 20:00 on January 20. The series, which is produced in the genre of drama, mystery, and crime, is broadcast every Monday.

Before we move on to episode 6 of the Frog series, let’s first review a summary of what happened in episode five of the Frog series:

Summary of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5 (episode 5 of the Frog series)

The fifth episode of the series Frog begins where Ramin is standing on a runway of a helicopter where a person who is apparently the guard is there, because he thinks that he intends to commit suicide and has come to that high building for that purpose. He takes it seriously and wants to call 110 and hand him over to the police, but Ramin escapes and leaves the place anyway. Because of his previous cases, he does not want to face the police at all, even if he did not do anything special that day.

serial frog episode 6 – قسمت پنجم سریال قورباغه

Subsequently, the intelligence agents who were after Ramin arrived and tried to arrest him. Ramin knows that if he gets stuck, he will go to the detention center and there all his equipment (including the most important equipment and force he has just gained, namely a severed finger soaked in frog venom that if someone touches it He comes under his control and hypnosis) so this time he runs away and after a few chases he goes into a big and very crowded restaurant.

Summary of part 6 frog series (Serial Ghoorbaghe)

There he goes to the bathroom to save his finger. Through the balloon you see in the hand of a little girl; He wraps his finger around the torn balloon and then swallows it. When the police come, he surrenders to them and goes to the police with them. So far, the finger has been cut, around which the balloon is wrapped and closed through a strap, and it is placed in Ramin’s throat !!

The story of the 6th part of the Frog series (Ghorbaghe series part 6)

He is re-interrogated in consciousness. He was actually arrested for having a car and, of course, killing Farhad! He avoids answering the interrogator’s questions and asks that he go to the bathroom. Ramin’s plan is implemented. He removes his finger from his throat and, as he moves and is directed towards his cell, he strikes his finger with the hands of a police officer and, by touching him, advances his plans.

Officers then escort Ramin to the courthouse in a van carrying criminals with two officers. But since Ramin has already hypnotized one of them and made his bed, he takes the car to a secluded place (a cozy amusement park) in the middle of the road and then instructs him. Allows him to take his colleague’s gun and cordless, as well as untie his bracelet.

The sixth part of the Frog series (serial irani ghorbaghe)

The two agents get into a fight and the agent under Ramin disarms the other and brings him into the van, then hypnotizes Ramin, the second officer in charge of his case, and asks him To declare his case closed, while deleting all the documents, including the CCTV footage and the documents and evidence that were against him!

Ramin is saved from trouble. He then asks the hypnotized agent to find someone. He is Frank, Ramin’s student friend. Frank (played by Sahar Dolatshahi) has been Ramin’s mistress for the past years, and the two apparently intended to get married. Of course, during their student days, the two also engaged in illegal activities, including transporting, distributing and selling drugs. But why did Ramin go to him? Ramin knows that Frank works in the lab and he is a doctor.

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In fact, Ramin goes to Frank to find out by experimenting that the thing of this magic finger causes everyone to touch or smell it; He puts his intellect and authority under the command of a second person and becomes a kind of so-called hypnosis! By examining and conducting experiments, Frank realizes that this finger was an ordinary finger and in this respect, it does not have a special advantage, but the materials that fell on it have caused this property. He guesses that in the past that person (the owner of the finger) touched something that he was not allowed to access, and the owner of that place also cut off his finger, and now some of that material remains on the cut finger of the said person. Is.

serial irani ghorbaghe 6

Then, when this point becomes clear to Frank (seeing that Ramin had been able to persuade the lab guard to open the doors for them at night with the same finger), he tries to steal this magical finger and to this The order falls with Ramin, but…. (Continuation of the story in the following link)

Now we have to see what happens in the sixth episode of the Frog series …

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