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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 7

Watch Online Serial Irani Ghorbaghe Part 7 in high quality drama series directed by Houman Seyedi on shopimopi site

تماشای رایگان سریال قورباغه قسمت ۷

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi

Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

The previous episode of the inflammatory and controversial series Frog was broadcast from 20:00 on January 27 The series, which is produced in the genre of drama, mystery, and crime, is broadcast every Monday.

Before we move on to episode 7 of the Frog series, let’s first review a summary of what happened in episode six of the Frog series:

Summary of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 6 (episode 6 of the Frog series)

The sixth episode of The Frog begins with Frank arguing with his boyfriend. Where the verbal altercation culminates, Ramin’s head is suddenly found as Frank is evicting him from the apartment. Ramin, who woke up on the freeway last night with his eyes open and did not sleep (due to Frank’s hypnosis in retaliation for a similar incident as a student), came to Frank’s house with red, swollen eyes to remove his magically amputated finger. Take it back.

serial frog episode 7 – قسمت هفتم سریال قورباغه

Frank points out to him that the finger is in the fridge but has lost its eater because he has used it to tease his friend. Something that accompanies Ramin’s anger. Ramin removes the fallen finger from the property and heads to their house in the town of Ektbatan. He sleeps there at night. In the morning, the intelligence agents came to Vali and followed him. Ramin found out about the incident and tried to escape. The investigator in his case, a man who threw himself into the street after being hypnotized by a criminal truck, is still alive and is chasing Ramin at the head of the agents.

Summary of part 7 frog series (Serial Ghoorbaghe)

Finally, Ramin can escape and throw himself into a meat truck and escape the trouble once again. But another problem arises for him, the driver gets out of the car and goes to another place without noticing Ramin’s presence. Ramin is trapped inside this refrigerator and cooler and the possibility of anesthesia and death goes away at any moment. Finally, he contacts Frank and informs him of the location by sending him the location.

The story of the 7th part of the Frog series (Ghorbaghe series part 7)

Frank comes to the scene and saves him by opening the back door of the car. After that, the two go together. On the way, they argue with each other due to past disputes, and Ramin gets off, but again Frank follows him and offers him an offer. Frank asks, and in fact suggests, that if Ramin can get those special substances again, he can study its chemical formula to produce large quantities so that they can take advantage of its strange properties. But Ramin does not go under.

The seventh part of the Frog series (serial irani ghorbaghe)

Ramin seeks to obtain a fake passport in order to continue his journey with the said passport by leaving Iran illegally for Turkey. This seems to be all that is on Ramin’s mind, but after he seems to hear Frank’s offer, he thinks a little. Now the material on the amputated finger is gone, and Ramin thinks of something new so that he can get some more.

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Ramin goes to Nouri again to extort money from him again with a new trick, but this time there is a difference…. It is better to watch this episode and other episodes of the fascinating and spectacular series Frog yourself.

serial irani ghorbaghe 7

Now we have to see what happens in the seventh episode of the Frog series …

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