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Serial Gisoo part 1

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قسمت اول سریال گیسو در انتهای همین صفحه

Serial Gisoo part 1 [Season 2 Romance], a name that has become one of the internet trends these days. In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide you with information about the Serial Gisoo part 1. When is the air date of Giso TV series? Serial Giso part 1 will start its work on March 4, 2017. After the first season of the series, in 1995 and 1996, was able to attract a large audience, Manouchehr Hadi (director of the series) soon thought of making a second part and a romantic sequel. Manouchehr Hadi had made his decision to make the Giso series, and obstacles in the way caused the production of the Giso series to be postponed. But Hadi did not stay in his path and planned to make the series “Del”.

Now that Del is finished, we can hope that the pre-production stages of the Giso series will accelerate a bit. Not long ago, Mohammad Reza Golzar, the star of the first season of the Giso series, announced the creation of a new romantic season, which we call Giso, in an Instagram post. Shortly afterwards, Manouchehr Hadi confirmed this news and gave very detailed information about the Serial Gisoo part 1 and specified that the pre-production stages of this series have begun. According to Hadi, the story of the series is a continuation of the first season, and all the actors of the first season can be present in this series. But he noted that in the absence of actors, the story will change. So far, we know that Mahnaz Afshar, the actress who played Serial Gisoo part 1.

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Year of construction: 1399 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Romance | Producer: Manouchehr Hadi | director: Manouchehr Hadi

All thing about of Serial Giso part 1

He was one of the main actors in the story in the first season, is not present in the new season, and Ms. Hanieh Tavassoli will appear in the series as Ms. Afshar’s successor. Also, according to the picture that Mohammad Reza Golzar published on his Instagram, it was revealed that Hooman Sidi is also present in the Serial Gisoo part 1. Hooman Sidi, who is working on his project, the Serial Gisoo part 1, has added to the charm of this series by appearing in the Giso series. This happened while Hooman Sidi had previously announced that he no longer intends to star in any movies or series on the home network. In the continuation of the article, you will see a table of the actors of the series and the roles that have been intended for them.

Serial Gisoo part 1
Serial Gisoo part 1

Serial Gisoo part 1 is directed by Manouchehr Hadi; Also, Mr. Saeed Jalali and Mr. Alireza Kazemipour are in charge of writing the script of the series. This work will most likely be prepared by Mehdi Golestaneh and other technical teams will be introduced after the appointment. So far, no trailer of this series has been released and only the news of its production has been leaked. As soon as the trailer is released, we will put it for you dear ones. The Serial Gisoo begins with a view of the locations of Ekbatan town. The architecture of the town and its houses are also very cinematic. Ekbatan’s nested and solid concrete buildings have a cold and soulless atmosphere. That is very much in line with the dark story of the Serial Gisoo part 1.

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