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قسمت سوم سریال گیسو در انتهای همین صفحه

Manouchehr Hadi does not have a brilliant record in Serial Gisoo part 3, and weak titles such as “Love” and “Heart” can see in his record. Serials with an atmosphere similar to Turkish serials and full of glamor. In which neither the fascinating story nor the acting left a lasting performance. Join Vijiato to download the Serial Gisoo part 3 and review this episode. Asheghaneh went to the home network immediately after the success of the first season of Shahrzad series and attracted the attention of the audience with a combination of movie stars. That’s are Mohammad Reza Golzar, Mahnaz Afshar, Sara Bayat, Hooman Sidi, Hossein Yari, Massoud Raegan, Pantea Bahram. This combination of actors in any project could be tempting. But what strengthened this curiosity and temptation to watch the next episodes of the series was the different atmosphere of the story,

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نکته: در صورتی که قادر به تماشای ویدیو نیستید روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید

Year of construction: 1397 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Drama | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Houman Seyyedi

Review of Giso episode 3

It seems that no one from Serial Gisoo part 3 filmmaking team has ever thought of solving this problem easily. But Making a series summary in the form of an episode (what Shahrzad did) or retelling. What happened at the beginning of the series could easily fix this flaw in the series. Also, it should not forget that the romance air at a time when home theater series were mostly in the hands of the people in the form of discs. It were not yet widely watched on VOD platforms. Serial Gisoo part 3 starts suddenly and a few months after the events of the end of the first part of the previous season. Everything gives the color and smell of Hadi Manouchehri’s works; He has gained the pulse of the general public and naturally does not intend to change this style of filmmaking.

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