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Serial Irani Aghazadeh PART 21

Watch Online Serial Irani Aghazadeh PART 21 in 720p drama film directed by Behrang Tofighi on shopimopi

تماشای رایگان سریال آقازاده قسمت 21

Director: Behrang Tofighi | Genre: Drama, Family | Year of production: 1398 | Published: 1399

Duration: 51 minutes | Audience: Family | Video quality: WEB-DL

Format: MP4 | Size: different with any quality | Producer: Hamed Angha

Summary of Serial Irani Aghazadeh PART 21:

In Aghazadeh’s previous episodes, we saw that Razia, due to the troubles and problems she has created for Hamed and because she blames herself for these incidents, asks him to separate, but Hamed does not give in and says that He still has his love. In the meantime, he asks Razia to help make further progress in Nima’s case.

aghazadeh part 21 is serial irani, in the genre of social and political drama is the story of an Aghazadeh named Nima Bahri Amir Aghaei who has committed economic violations and an man called Hamed Tehrani Sina Mehrad who is also an aghazadeh part 21,

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In Aghazade 20 and previous part of Aghazadeh, we saw that Nima finally decided to broadcast private videos and photos.

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The videos with his inappropriate coverage, which have been in various parties and, of course, are related to the past, have caused a great deal of controversy on satellite networks.

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In aghazadeh 21 , Meanwhile, Hamed’s mother, who realizes this disgrace through her neighbors and those around her, wrestles with Razia and argues with her violently.

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On the other hand, Bahrami, who is now the Minister of State, informs his son of the consequences of this action.

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aghazadeh series ghesmat 21 , We saw many events in the nineteenth episode of Aghazadeh. In this episode, Razieh asks Hamed to separate because of the troubles and problems he has created for Hamed and because he blames himself for these incidents.

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The aghazadeh part 21, but Hamed does not give in and says that he still has his love. Is. In the meantime, he asks Razia to help make further progress in Nima’s case. Razia also recounts the details of Nima’s dealings with the ousted and former minister and what role she herself played in these cases.

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In the serial aghazadeh part 21, On the other side of the story, Nima Bahri goes to Haj Reza’s house and talks to him. Many secrets are revealed here, including the fact that Nima is not the son of Amir, and in fact he was the son of another of Nima’s allies, and he was not Nima at all.

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‌But his name was Abu Dharr, who at the time of his father’s martyrdom According to his father’s will, he was taken to Amir Bahri and raised under him.

aghazade – Part 21 (Serial Irani)

Bahrami then goes to prison to negotiate with Razia that if he refuses to continue cooperating on the case of the former minister.

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Nima will agree and his case will be closed and he will be released from prison, which of course Razia will not accept.

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aghazade part 21, Confrontation of the previous front battles (Haj Reza, Haj Morteza and Amir Bahri), each of which years after the front and the war.

In episode 21 of aghazadeh series, one was martyred, one reached the ministry and the other in a corner of isolation and without regard to the power and post And the position, the time spent, is very interesting.

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and asks his son not to bow down in the face of such insults and insults. Now, the fight for the Tehrani family is not only personal and family, but also ideological and doctrinal.

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By doing so, Nima leaves no supporters behind. Even Haj Hassan does not neglect this issue and when the honor of one of the trustees and elders of the country is involved, he does not remain behind Nima.

Now we have to see what happens in the episode 21 of Aghazadeh series.

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