Khob Bad Jelf Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 11

Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 11

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Pejman Jamshidi and Sam Derakhshani are kidnapped by the Chechens. On the other hand, their lives are threatened by one of the Chechen leaders because Pejman has scored only one goal in the history of his sport and that was to the Georgian national team. Ironically, this single flower has caused the destruction of this Georgian family and he has harbored resentment. This part, like the previous part, does not add anything to the story and only tries to stretch the story by creating McGuffin. Since the images of this episode are still the same as the previous episode, it should be said that this series easily achieves the worst shooting experience of the last 10 years in at least the first three episodes. The story of Farid Molian, on the other hand, who is following these Chechens, remains suspended until it is discussed in the next section.

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Year of construction: 1399 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Comedy | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Mohsen Chegini

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More interestingly, serious situations in the film are often considered half-hearted, for example, there is a police checkpoint in the film, but the inspection position is paid so carelessly that it does not cause suspension or even use at all. Qasemkhani Pact after working On many series, of course, he must have learned how to create situations, but in this series, he does not seem to be able to use even the smallest situations. From the middle of this episode, Pejman Jamshidi and Sam Derakhshani change their captivity from a Chechen who tried to kidnap them in order to promote Chechen cinema. A Georgian who found out in the previous episode that Pejman has destroyed his family takes over the leadership of their group and intends to kill Pejman and Sam. Just as he is about to do so, Sam talks about the presence of the Deus X car, which means that in the final moment of the film, when the protagonist is trapped by his enemy, something lightning saves their lives, and this is exactly what happens.

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