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Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3

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Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3 Radioactive is the name of a home drama series direct. It produce by Mohsen Chegini, produced in 1399. This series is a sequel to the movie Khob Bad Jelf which is distribute every Friday by the Home Show Network and shopimopi. Pejman and Sam have been kidnapped as hostages along with a yellow cake by Asef. Asef is the leader of the Dagestan Free Martyrs’ Group, and are schedule to cross the northwestern border into Chechnya. Secret Army spies have noticed that Pejman and Sam are traveling to Tabriz on a train. They are trying to reach the train and the station where the train is to stop. The power struggle between the Chechens and the collision of Pejman and Sam on the train with an unexpected acquaintance. He give them a glimmer of hope that the group is losing.

Terrorists are save Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3. The Georgians who took command of the Chechens are still seeking revenge on Pejman. Pejman and Sam escape from the clutches of him and the train with rewards, but at the end of the route, a bigger trouble awaits them. Meanwhile, the doctor arrives at the last station in Tabriz and buys tickets for his people. Armed, he makes his last efforts to free Pejman and Sam, which will have to be watched in the third part from now on. Khob Bad Jelf, Radioactive series that was very well received by users and fans, with the airing of the first and second episodes.

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Year of construction: 1399 | Broadcast: 99 | Player: shopimopi.eu
Genre: Comedy | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Mohsen Chegini

Story of Khob Bad Jelf episode 3

The Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 2 (past episode) started when the members of the film crew and those involved in the movie of the previous project. Namely the Secret Army, were observing the position of Pejman and Sam from Tehran and find out a camera that was placed in Pejman’s equipment. They are on a train bound for Tabriz, but in one of them, ISIS kills Pejman! It turns out later that they were wrong. From Tehran, by tracking the location of train stations, they seek to reach them at one of the stations and, with the principle of surprise, both arrest ISIS members with the possible help of the police and rescue Sam and Pejman. Give. In the meantime, Ms. Besharti (Gohar Kheirandish) has a different opinion.

Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3
Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3

He states that Pejman and Sam were arrest at a party and now he is trying to secure their release with the help of friends he denies in the police! Following the events that took place in the first part and in the compartment of the train carrying the hostages. Pejman was target by one of the ISIS members, this time the two are force to eat a drink by that person’s teammate, which may contain harmful substances. The Chechen man in Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 3 who had poured this liquid into their shoes met with resistance from both of them, but in the end, he threatened them and forced them to eat these substances! He points out that this is an old custom in Chechnya that is drink to make a covenant of brotherhood between two people! From Tehran, but the situation is different.

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