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Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5

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Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5 Radioactive is a comedy-action series. It written by “Peyman Ghasemkhani” and directed by “Mohsen Chegini” and produce in Iran in 1399. The story of this series, which is a sequel to the movie, tells the adventures of Pejman and Sam after being kidnapped by the Chechens. Pejman Jamshidi, Sam Derakhshani, Hamed Komili, Farhad Ayesh, Gohar Kheirandish. Also Amir Mehdi Jouleh, Maral Farjad, Anahita Dargahi, Mohammad Bahrani, Farzin Mohaddes, Tino Salehi, Shakib Shajreh are the actors of this series. It was almost a year ago that the second part of the Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5 with the subtitle of Secret Army screened at the Fajr Festival. The first part of the film was extremely successful.

Introduced the couple Pejman Jamshidi and Sam Derakhshani to the Iranian cinema and many mentioned the film as a good and high level example of a popular comedy. The script is written with an account and a book and respects the consciousness of the audience; Just like the successful movies and series that Peyman Ghasemkhani had previously written. But the second part provoked different reactions. However the quality and whether the film was good or bad at all. Everyone agree on one thing: the sudden end that postpon the continuation of the story to the next part. While the film engine had just been turned on and the news of a conclusion. There is no sensible conclusion at the Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5. in addition everything is left in the middle of nowhere.

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Year of construction: 1399 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Comedy | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Mohsen Chegini

All thing about of Khob Bad Jelf episode 5

Given the state of the country’s cinemas and the unknown situation of the Corona virus in early 1399. The good production team of Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5 had suffered huge financial losses during the production of the second part, decided to implement their idea a few years ago and put it into practice. The production of the third part supposed to be serialize. And the situation that created strengthened this decision and made it a reality. In any case, the good continuation of Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5 has now become a series that. Unlike cinematic works, is directed by the producer of the previous two episodes, namely Mohsen Chegini, who is no stranger to the comedy and comedy genre. In many such works (such as Powerchin and serial Pejman and…) has played the role of producer.

watch online Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5
watch online Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5

This is the first time he has sat on the stage of a project of this magnitude. He does not have much experience in directing, although he learn the art academically. Chegini sits on the director’s chair in addition Peyman Ghasemkhani is present in the film as the head of the screenwriters. Along with other members of the group, Mehrab Ghasemkhani and Amir Mehdi Jouleh. A regular team of Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 5 who know the genre of comedy well and make themselves known. In fact, they continue to work without hesitation for people to label these films as ridiculous. They ridicule the positions of the critics as much as they can. Even in this forty-five minute episode, they do the same to prove that they have nothing to do with the critics. They write their works for the hearts of the people and the fans.

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