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قسمت ششم سریال خوب بد جلف در انتهای همین صفحه

In the Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6, All the characters from the previous episode are present in the film, and of course, due to Reyhaneh Parsa’s emigration from Iran, another actress will play the role of “Anna” in her place, and this lot has fallen to Anahita Dargahi. However, it should be said that Dargahi could not show himself properly, at least in the first episode, and it remains to be seen whether the future of the series will allow him to be seen more or not. Basically, it seems that we will see two main locations in this series, in which a part of the terrorists and a captive comedian couple are held hostage, and on the other side, the Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 crew is supposed to pull the yellow cake out of the hands of these terrorists.

Sam and Pejman, who, as always, are just peas in this soup and no one feels sorry for them, and they have to save themselves with their boundless stupidity. Like most of the works of this satirical group (Qasemkhaniyas plus Amir Mehdi Jouleh), some of the dialogues are highly repetitive and some are golden golden dialogues. In fact, just like the name of the movie, we are faced with Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 in which a strong acting team is present and through which, bad sequences are tolerated. The winner of Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 is the same actors and good chemistry between Sam Derakhshani and Pejman Jamshidi, which if you get used to it, you will still enjoy it. The fact that the film has declined as a series from a technical point of view was a dangerous issue that existed before the first episode.

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Year of construction: 1399 | Broadcast: 99 | Player:
Genre: Comedy | Producer: Ali Asadzadeh | Writer and director: Mohsen Chegini

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and it seems that the concern was justified. Neither the filming nor the editing of the work is as good as the cinematic works, and the less budget allocated to this series is quite obvious. But in any case, it must be admitted that the serialization phase in Iran has just moved towards expensive and star-studded serials, and for the first steps, titles such as Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 are acceptable. Serial Khob Bad Jelf Radioactive is supposed to be fifteen episodes and this number of episodes is dangerous for a mini-series and it smells of greed. Considering the events of the first part, it should be said that there does not seem to be a story tension of up to fifteen episodes of forty-five to fifty minutes, and in this case, we may face an unnecessary stretching of the story.

watch online Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6

Although it is still too early for these judgments, perhaps allocating fewer episodes or at least less time for Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 could be fruitful for it. I think this is the first time in Iran that a cinematic trilogy ends in a series. In fact, as far as I thought, in the world, I did not see such a case where the direct continuation of the story of a movie was broadcast in the form of a series; Maybe there have been cases like the Terminator series or Jimmy Neutron and RoboCup, etc. that have been a continuation of a successful cinematic franchise, but as far as I can remember, none of them are a direct continuation of the story of a work screened in a cinema. Serial Khob Bad Jelf part 6 has entered a dangerous field and by changing its medium from serial to cinema.

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