Malakeye Gedayan Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 1

Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 1

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تماشای رایگان سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت 1

Director: Hussein Soheilizadeh | Genre: Social, Drama, Family | Date of publication: 1399

Number of episodes: 30 episodes | Duration of each episode: 60 minutes | Quality: Crystal

Format: MKV | Ability to play online: None | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Summary of Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 1 for United States American users:

Hossein Soheilizadeh, who had previously directed the Mankan series with success and popularity, is expected to break the sales and audience record in the home show in this series as well.

Different actors and the presence of Farzad Farzin has appeared with a different make-up and has a different role and warrior in this series. Baran Kowsari also has a different role in the series.

The theme of the series is very similar to the Mankan series, the type of filming and image quality, and the relatively luxurious atmosphere and shootings, and a mafia starring Farzad Farzin illustrate this point.

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The story of the first episode of the Queen Beggars series ( Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 1 ) begins in Turkey. Where an Iranian girl and boy (who met while studying in Germany) are preparing for their wedding. The wedding is to be held with the presence of 4 people!

The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom are the only guests and hosts of the ceremony. The two, while facing opposition from the girl’s mother in this regard, and other points, including the boy’s refusal to come to Iran (it is likely that he will have a judicial problem) and… persistently pursue the ceremony.

serial Malakeye Gedaian s1e1 | دانلود رایگان قسمت اول سریال ملکه گدایان

In any case, the wedding is held on a pier and a luxurious and stylish ship. The girl (played by Shabnam Ghorbani) and the boy (played by Arman Darvish) do all the necessary preparations and background work to make this connection with the help of their mothers.

But just while waiting for the arrival of the groom’s father, Khosrow Shams, all these plans suddenly collapse.

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It is during the wedding that a suspicious call disrupts their plans. Someone on the phone states that the groom’s father, who is also in Iran; He has had a stroke and is not in a good condition. (Of course, it is later revealed that he committed suicide due to overdosing on some kind of pill.)

As a result, the wedding ceremony collapses. Something that is opposed by the bride, but the groom states that he can not think of marriage in this situation when my father has a stroke and is in a coma.

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The groom (Alborz Shams) then takes a plane ticket from Ankara to Tehran, accompanies his bride and mother to leave Turkey, and goes to a criminal gang to do something that is apparently illegal (possibly getting a passport). He goes to do something for him. Alborz calls Sarah (her fiancé) after she has finished her work to make a deposit for the group, but she states over the phone that she does not know him at all. Following the non-payment of wages to the perpetrators, they abandoned him in that place and imprisoned him in a small room.

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After a few hours, Alborz, who had previously been a pharmacy student in Germany, with the compounds (probably a combination of mercury, flammable and soluble substances) that he finds in his prison, can break the door lock and get rid of it. He finds but escapes again and faints with the blow of a hard object. From now on, there are two scenarios. One is that he has suffered from forgetfulness or that he has suffered from hallucinations as a result of taking pills or drugs in the past or in the future!

serial Malakeie Gedayan episode 1 (سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت ۱)

Because in the next sequence, when he is in the hospital and regains consciousness, he encounters an unknown world. The first case is the showing of his national card by a hospital doctor, who, despite his own photo, had the name of another person named “Farhad Babaei” on it. The second point was when, despite the fact that he is currently in Tehran and knew the address of their personal home, no one knew him when he went there !!

In the next sequence, he goes to the hospital where his father (Khosrow Shams) is, and while his father is in the ICU, he encounters a person who was in the first scenes of his mother (Khorshid Khanum playing Pantea Bahram). But at the same time, this lady does not know him in disbelief. His confrontation with Shams family lawyer (played by Farzad Farzin) is another event in this episode. The point here is that this man and woman have no children at all (according to Khorshid Khanum), but in the past they had a son named Alborz, who apparently died at the age of 5 in a kindergarten after a fire passed away!

The story does not end there. He goes to work with his ex-fiancé Sarah, but Sarah does not know him either! In the meantime, he gets involved with Sarah’s fiancé. What surprises Alborz is that Sarah has a fiancé! But then, another person named Afra, playing Baran Kowsari, introduces himself as Alborz (Farhad) candidate in order to increase this person’s doubts.

Queen Beggars series Part 1 – (تماشای رایگان قسمت اول سریال ملکه گدایان)

Of course, the theory that can be put forward here is that he was during his imprisonment and captivity in the hideout of a criminal gang for forging passports (of course, according to one of those people, after leaving the place, Alborz was handed over to others) They have brought this day with pills and some kind of drag (materials) for testing and testing. According to one of the female characters of this series, played by Elham Shabani, who is mentioned in the introduction of the series’ roles as “Drag Tester”, this conclusion can be drawn.