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Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 2

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تماشای رایگان سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت 2

Director: Hussein Soheilizadeh | Genre: Social, Drama, Family | Date of publication: 1399

Number of episodes: 30 episodes | Duration of each episode: 60 minutes | Quality: Crystal

Format: MKV | Ability to play online: None | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Summary of Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 2 for United States American users:

Hossein Soheilizadeh, who had previously directed the Mankan series with success and popularity, is expected to break the sales and audience record in the home show in this series as well.

The second part of the Queen of Beggars is accompanied by unseen scenes and images of the Alborz anesthesia situation in Turkey. Where Sarvakleh and the Shams family are found playing Farzad Farzin and it is determined that he is at the zero of that day and what happened in Alborz. It is not clear exactly what happened to Alborz that day, but in the following scenes, the facts become clear that help to make my first episode ambiguous in the first case.

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The story of the first episode of the Queen Beggars series ( Serial Malakeye Gedayan part 2 ) begins in Turkey. Where an Iranian girl and boy (who met while studying in Germany) are preparing for their wedding. The wedding is to be held with the presence of 4 people!

In the first part of the Queen of Beggars, the series ended with the fact that everyone denies the existence of Alborz. In the final scene, we saw that in the gallery where Sara is, Afra, who claims that she is not Alborz’s fiancé, and that she is a cousin who claims that she is not Sarah’s fiancé, everyone is confused and has an argument with everyone, everyone claims ownership. Alborz is finding a way to talk to Sarah’s cousin, the first thing he asks is whether he is complicit with the others or not.

serial Malakeye Gedaian s1e2 | دانلود رایگان قسمت دوم سریال ملکه گدایان

Because he has realized with all his being that he is eating my hand. Alborz tells her that Sarah’s father is ready for treatment in Germany with the money of a good man whose father is there, and that Sara and her mother traveled to the city last week, originally to Turkey, to marry Alborz. Finally, Alborz can convince his cousin to go to Sarah’s house to see Sarah and her mother’s passport and to prove her point. In the gallery, with the conversations exchanged between Afra and Sara and the owner of the gallery, it is clear that everyone is collaborating, it is not clear with what intention.

Dariush, by finding a passport, proves the truth of Alborz’s words to be proven. One can already guess that this person is not aware of the incident, otherwise he will not be ready to go to Sara’s mother’s house to meet her and also to describe her passport. In any case, after Sarah evaded answering and that she had gone to the city during a week that she had not been in Tehran, she finally preferred to work for the monopoly of the heirs and همچنین as well as the quarrels that take place between these people. To tell the truth.

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Sarah confesses to Dariush that all these years, the idea of ​​lack of money and misery has caused her to marry Alborz, and in Turkey, someone comes to her with a wedding and promises to be equal to the money that was supposed to be married to Alborz. To be obtained. Pay the premise, but instead Sara denies the existence of Alborz. And thus the riddle of the first part of the queen of beggars is solved. The dialogues exchanged between Sarah and her cousin Darius are very interesting.

Like the dialogue of Sarah’s cousin who says, “When a man loses everything but still has a reputation, he gets up, but when everything is but a reputation, it means he has nothing to lose.”

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At this time, Afra and Alborz are arguing in the alley, Alborz is not accepting this issue at the moment, and it is constantly repeated that there is an adventure behind this issue. In the same proof of the police patrol that Sara has been contacted, Alborz is asked to identify the card. Alborz is forced to use the works that Farhad Babaei’s identity is, and with the support of Afra and Sara, who you claimed prayed for, the family ends for this reason. Alborz, out of compulsion and in order to find out the essence of the story, asked Afra to go with him to animation.

The arrival of Alborz with maples in a remote and open place, which is a gathering place for working and homeless children, is another sequence of the queen of beggars. The events and the situation of this ruin and its people, it is impossible not to remind the audience of the series Avaye Baran, another of Hossein Soheilizadeh’s previous works. Children who are dancing and singing at the same time without money, misery, life, and the romantic mood, and Alborzi, who is seen at the very beginning and is amazed, happens that he is not among them, watching in amazement. These are the scenes where Sarah’s cousin walks by and Alborz asks her to talk to you.

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Dariush tells Alborz why the road here is with maple? Alborz also says that because I became anonymous. I opened my eyes and saw that I was homeless. I know that this is the end of the story, I will stay here and realize that it has happened, even if it means dying. Dariush praises Alborz’s courage and says that he loves Sarah and I have nothing to lose. Alborz does not claim that he has any love for Sarah and you do not intend to marry him just because of his father and to force you to do so. The girls obeyed him too. Dariush to Alborz, be sure that he will stay by Alborz until the end of this story, provided that he does not go to Sara and her family.

serial Malakeie Gedayan episode 2 (سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت ۲)

Dariush reminds Alborz that Sarah was executed by a man with a promise of money who denies the existence of Alborz. And by a lawyer (played by Solmaz Ghani) who is the founder of good deeds, if he can make it happen, he will specify a time to meet.

In the sequence, we see disturbed, disturbed and painful scenes of working children. Alborz could escape at an opportunity and present himself with Dariush to the lawyer that Dariush had introduced, if he discovered that Alborz was bigger in a scam. Alborz protests that at the age of 15, during a strange and suspicious scene, the accused was forced to leave Alborz illegally because of his choice and his father, because it is enough that he is not allowed to access the police and pursue the matter. Finally, at the suggestion of the lawyer, it is decided that Alborz will accept the fake identity of Farhad Babaei and pretend to accept it so that his lawyer will be able to test if he pursues the identity of Alborz and proves that he belongs to the Shams family. . .

Queen Beggars series Part 2 – (تماشای رایگان قسمت دوم سریال ملکه گدایان)

And Dariush has gone to the owner of the mezon, but they can make him talk with money, but suddenly Sarah and Afra arrive.

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