Siavash Serial Siavash part 10

Serial Siavash part 10

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More than ten years ago, home theater series in Iran were at the beginning of a path that was not very clear. Not only did investors hesitate to enter this secluded valley, but it also seemed a little difficult to attract an audience. But today, the situation has changed so much that directors like Manouchehr Adi prefer to work in the medium of the series to different frames of cinema, and superstars like Mohammad Reza Golzar have also accepted that home theater series are better choices than repetitive films. The series that are broadcast on streaming services these days are receiving more and more attention from Iranian audiences. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for this welcome is the outbreak of the coronavirus. The outbreak of the virus, which led to the closure of cinemas or their limited activity, forced the audience who needed new content in the seventh art space to take refuge in cyberspace, and in a world where new movies are not shown, serials seem to be the best alternative. They arrive.

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Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh | Genre: Social, melodrama, Family
Number of episodes: 30 | Duration of each episode: 50 minutes | Quality: Best
Format: MP4 | Date of publication: 1399 | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Story of Serial Siavash part 10

Siavash [played by Milad Kiomram] is a wrestler who was invited to the national team camp after years of effort and now has to participate in the Olympic qualifiers. But his fiancé, Marjan [played by Marjan Etefaqian], mysteriously and disappointingly decides to cut ties with Siavash. Siavash, who does not know the reason for the weakening of this relationship, angrily leaves the national team camp to find out the reason and realizes that his fiancé has liver disease and should undergo liver transplant surgery as soon as possible. Marjan, who does not have much time, has to pay a heavy price for this surgery, but he does not see the ability to pay a large amount of it in terms of his and his family’s financial situation. Therefore, Siavash, who has just understood the reason for his fiancé’s voluntary absence, takes action and tries to provide the necessary funds for this surgery and save his fiancé. With Siavash one step ahead of the World Cup, everything is changing to keep Marjan healthy.

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