Siavash Serial Siavash part 11

Serial Siavash part 11

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Siavash is a social drama with an enigmatic atmosphere, written by Pouya Saeedi. Saeedi has directed plays such as Launcher 5, Irregular Verbs, Fanfar, and Visa. Siavash tells the story of a world champion wrestler named Siavash Saqi who realizes that his fiancé, Marjan, needs a liver transplant. Siavash goes to Nusrat, one of the billionaires, due to his financial inability to pay for the operation. But in exchange for money, Nusrat asks Siavash to marry his daughter, Maral … Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, works bearing the title of “social drama” have themselves become a pervasive dilemma and have plagued Iranian cinema.

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Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh | Genre: Social, melodrama, Family
Number of episodes: 30 | Duration of each episode: 50 minutes | Quality: Best
Format: MP4 | Date of publication: 1399 | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Story of Serial Siavash part 11

These works all follow an unwritten pattern in which only shouting, moaning and complaining become the audience’s share, and there is no knowledge of rooting out and examining the real causes and providing solutions to social problems. Usually, in these works, more than anything, the protest dialogues are enough, which turn into lavish monologues. Although Siavash tries his best to look different from these works, he still steps on the same stereotypes and sometimes suffers from contradictions. Siavash, played by Milad Ki Maram, has a shaky character so far. When his cousin offers him a scolding, he gets so upset that it looks like a catastrophe is about to happen, but it is not clear how easily he gets under the burden of losing money. At the beginning of the series.

Marjan’s mother tells Siavash that Marjan is not willing to see Siavash due to illness, but Marjan changes her behavior quickly and easily and forms romances. Siavash’s view of social classes is the same as the prevailing stereotypes in recent years. People in the lower part of the city are either sick or in prison and are committing a crime. Despite the broadcast of only 6 episodes of Siavash, it is still too early to definitely criticize it, but as it turns out, one should not expect a different series.

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