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Serial Siavash part 2

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تماشای رایگان سریال سیاوش قسمت ۲

Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh | Genre: Social, melodrama, Family | Date of publication: 1399

Number of episodes: 30 episodes | Duration of each episode: 60 minutes | Quality: Crystal

Format: MKV | Ability to play online: None | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Siavash series part 2 in drama and social genre, written by Pouya Saeedi, directed by Soroush Mohammadzadeh and produced by Mehdi Yari, is a product of 1399.

All thing about Serial Siavash part 2 for United Kingdom and Germany users:

The sequences of the first series begin with the narration of one day of the first character of the story, namely Siavash episode 2 (played by Milad Ki Maram). Siavash, who is a first-class wrestler in the country and is currently in the fateful period of his sports life and has to resume training for the Olympic qualifiers, has problems in his personal life.

Siavash part 2

Coach Siavash, who is very worried about his future, says that you are the only chance for Iran to get the Olympic quota and you have defeated your opponent well in the previous competitions, and if you succeed in the games of this round, you can reach the Olympics.

Siavash Series PART 2 – دانلود رایگان سریال سیاوش

Siavash Vali is not focused on training and preparing for competitions. Because Marjan (her fiancé) has been away from her for some time and she thinks she has strange behaviors. Siavash has assigned one of his friends to take care of his house to control the passage of corals. One of these days, he was reported to have entered the house with another man and an expensive car.

Seriale Siavash 2 – تماشای رایگان قسمت دوم سریال سیاوش

That is why Siavash goes to Marjan’s father’s house to talk to him, but he refuses to meet him. Instead, Marjan’s mother comes to Siavash and states that Marjan has changed her mind and is not willing to marry him; Something that is by no means digestible and acceptable for Siavash and leads to his anger. The mother’s struggles and evasions from the clear answer to Siavash’s questions continue until Siavash finally goes mad and utters harsh words.

episode 2 Siavash

Meanwhile, another person who seems to be Marjan’s brother arrives. The two finally tell Siavash that Marjan has suffered from a very serious disease that requires a liver transplant to treat, and that this is only possible through one of his close relatives, and also that large sums of money are needed for this operation. Siavash initially states that he introduces himself to the doctor for a transplant, but then realizes that he can not do so, but gives financial assistance and promises that he will help them. Meanwhile, Marjan’s family does not have much of a natural reaction and continues to resist him. The story seems to be something else, or at least not financial.

دانلود قسمت ۲ سریال سیاوش

From now on, Siavash seeks to provide money and expenses for Marjan’s operation in any way he can, but he does not succeed in any way he tries. The work goes so far as to abandon his training and therefore distance himself from his professional world of sports. He goes to see some of his friends, but they all refuse to answer him and refuse to help.

In other scenes, Siavash finally visits Marjan. Marjan agrees to go out with him. The two are sitting in a cafe where Marjan is feeling unwell and refuses the drink he was drinking. Here, the first signs of his illness are seen for Siavash, and thus the life of the two enters a new phase.

دانلود قسمت دوم سریال سیاوش

Siavash does not give up to provide money and knocks on every door. He goes to one of his father’s old friends (played by Reza Kianian) who apparently asked him in the past. The person graciously accepts him and gives him a signed white check. Everything is going well so far. It seems that Siavash has achieved his goal, but then it becomes clear that the story does not end here. That person has a demand for the money he gives to Siavash that is indigestible to Siavash.

Serial Siavash part 2

He asks Siavash to bring back his daughter (Maral), who seems to be missing or has run away from home, and to marry her. It is not clear why this person has made such a request of Siavash, but perhaps it can be concluded that Siavash and Maral have been in love in the past. Recently, there have been disputes between father and daughter that Maral has left him. And now the only way to bring him back is to search in Siavash. Now, Siavash intends to marry Marjan and gets angry with such a request and leaves the place.

قسمت اول سریال سیاوش