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Serial Siavash part 8

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قسمت هشتم سریال سیاوش در انتهای همین صفحه

It is nothing weaker than the usual works of home theater. Abundance of medium games in Siavash series, Milad Ki ‌maram, who is in the center in the first part of the series, seems to have largely repeated his character in the role of “Serial Siavash part 7” in several previous works; A nervous, zealous, stubborn and very extroverted character who needs a small spark to explode at any moment. His portraiture is also reminiscent of his earlier works such as “Amir” and “Forbidden”. Mohammad Valizadegan, Marjan Etefaghian and Reza Kianian are the other actors in the first part of “Siavash” who have shown mediocre performances. Figures such as Majid Salehi and Terlan Parvaneh have not yet entered the story. In general, it seems that “Siavash episode 7” does not like Changi in terms of role-playing, and it is surprising that based on the final credits of the series.

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Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh | Genre: Social, melodrama, Family
Number of episodes: 30 | Duration of each episode: 50 minutes | Quality: Best
Format: MP4 | Date of publication: 1399 | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Story of Serial Siavash part 8

Milad Kiyram has apparently also appeared in the role of an actor; Something that is somewhat strange for acting on the plate of Kiomram. It is not clear how influential the actor’s role as an actor has been, but in any case, the actor cannot be considered as having no share in the series’ poor performances. Serial Siavash part 7, a wrestling champion who is one step closer to the Olympics, has to look for a lot of money for a liver transplant due to the illness of his fiancé Marjan. Only one person can help him. Nusrat, the father of his former fiancé, will help him in exchange for Siavash marrying Maral. Siavash is helpless in the dilemma of rejecting or accepting money…. Siavash’s situation is familiar to many young people; Maybe your child is on the first step of Serial Siavash part 7.

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