Siavash Serial Siavash part 9

Serial Siavash part 9

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Meanwhile, Pejman, who was shot, is currently in the hospital and sees his life coming to an end. Examining Pejman’s physical condition, he warns that he had a superficial wound, the bullet came out of the other side after entering his shoulder, and did not cause any damage to the organs of the body in that area, and only two vessels from He is torn and can be released in a few hours by repairing it! In the next scenes, Farid and his team members finally reach Hussam’s house, but are confronted with a sealed door, which he enters by breaking the seal. When they reach the radioactive compartment, they come across an empty box in which one of Hussam’s men is sleeping. He expresses ignorance about the location of the materials and says that Hussam handed them over to his friend Shahriar.

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Director: Soroush Mohammadzadeh | Genre: Social, melodrama, Family
Number of episodes: 30 | Duration of each episode: 50 minutes | Quality: Best
Format: MP4 | Date of publication: 1399 | Producer: Ali Tolouei

Story of Serial Siavash part 9

The story does not end here, Ms. Besharti also comes to the hospital with a large number of journalists (from ILNA, the film’s founder, Mehr and 20 to other important national news agencies). Pejman football fans, who were informed of this incident, circled around the hospital and came up with placards in support of him. Thus, the news is made public and reflected in the media. So at the same time, the police force intervenes and one of the high-ranking officers enters the hospital with escorts and bodyguards to meet and talk to Peyman and Sam in private. He escorts everyone in the room, including Ms. Besharti, out so that he can interrogate them.

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