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Serial Turky Kuzgun (Kalagh)

سریال ترکی کلاغ Kuzgun

Introducing the Kalagh series

Turkish series Kuzgun ( Kalagh ) is a romantic drama drama series in the police genre. This series is broadcast on Star TV. Ay Yapim is the producer of the crow series. The director of this series is Bahadir Ince.

The writers of the Turkish series The Raven are Burcu Gorgun Toptas and Ozlem Yilmaz. This series is one of the best TV series of 2019-2020.

Synopsis of the Crow series

Kuzgun is an eight-year-old boy who lives well with his family. He is happy with his family, brother and wishes. But this happiness does not last.

His father is a reliable and well-known policeman. But suddenly betrayal occurs. Kozgan’s life is turned upside down due to his father’s scandal. His father is fired by the police.

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 1 – episode 1 Kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 2 – episode 2 Kuzgun

دانلود سریال kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 3 – episode 3 Kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 4 – episode 4 Kuzgun

سریال کلاغ سیاه

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 5 – episode 5 Kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 6 – episode 6 Kuzgun

دانلود سریال کوزگون

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 7 – episode 7 Kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 8 – episode 8 Kuzgun

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 9 – episode 9 Kuzgun

دوبله فارسی سریال ترکی کلاغ

Serial Kalagh (Kuzgun) Part 10 – episode 10 Kuzgun