Film Irani jadid Watch Online film Hamal Tala FOR FREE

Watch Online film Hamal Tala FOR FREE

Watch Online film Hamal Tala for free in 720p drama film directed by Tooraj Aslani on shopimopi.

تماشای رایگان فیلم ایرانی حمال طلا

Year of construction: 1398 | Play: 99 | Player:

Duration: 86 minutes | Audience: Family | Video quality: WEB-DL

Producer: Mansour Sohrab ‌Pour | Writer and director: Touraj Aslani

Summary of film Hamal Tala :

“Hamal Tala” tells the story of a worker named Reza who moves between the workshop and the shop with a motorcycle, gold and jewelry. One day when he was carrying some gold, several other motorcyclists attacked him and stole his gold. Now Reza is doing risky things to compensate for this damage.

The film starts very soon and with a robbery-motivated incident, it engages us with the story and accompanies the main character. The characterization of the main character, Reza Behnoei, is supposed to take shape in the heart of this incident and the story that follows. Reza tells his employer (played by Saeed Aghakhani) that the amount of gold is not more than 200 grams and he finds it. But the owner, with accurate statistics on the amount of gold, draws a line for Reza.

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